Staying Organized: Storage Unit Warehousing For Home-Based Online Retailers


Home-based businesses are convenient and economical in many ways, but storage is a frequent problem for online retailers working from their home. Devoting all extra storage space to the business inventory can crowd everyone in the home and make it inconvenient to find products when they need to be shipped. Renting a storage unit is an affordable option, but it must be kept organized to make it as functional as possible.

21 June 2016

Four Jobs To Complete Before You Store Your Boat For The Winter


If you're an avid boater, it's ideal to find a boat storage business in your community, such as Eagle Airport Car And Mini Storage, at which you can park your vessel for the winter. Instead of leaving it in your driveway or side yard, where it will get in the way when you're shoveling and consistently need to have snow cleared off the tarp, your boat will be kept in dry conditions so that it will be ready for you when springtime arrives.

6 April 2016

Ways Construction Containers Can Be Useful To Real Estate Developers


If you are a real estate developer handling a large construction project, you may find using shipping containers can be a great benefit in your work. These units come in a variety of configurations and sizes. This can make them useful for a number of different tasks on the job site. Job Site Offices One of the most popular ways these containers can be used is for onsite offices. If your company offices are located, a good distance from the job site, you may end up wasting too much time traveling between the two locations.

11 July 2014