Remodeling Your Home? Get Creative With Renting A Storage Unit To Prevent Cluttering


When you decide to remodel your home, you may need to move a lot of items around to make space for professionals to handle demolition, modifications, replacements, and installations. But, you may want to avoid disturbing your family life while being efficient with time and money.

Getting creative with how you use a rental storage unit is an ideal way to prevent clutter while also helping your family in other ways throughout the entire remodel.

Come Up With a Detailed Plan

If you are going through a large remodel, you may have several rooms that will be worked on. If you intend to work on one room at a time to maintain functionality for most of your home, you should not put everything into storage right away. A great way to handle this situation is to only store the items from the first room where you are going to work on remodeling projects.

When the first room is complete, you can put the items back into the room. On your trips back to the storage facility, you can figure out what new belongings to bring to the storage unit.

Fill Up the Garage

A garage that is full of boxes will not provide much functionality. But, filling a storage unit with furniture and appliances will also prevent these items from being used. An excellent alternative is to transfer boxes from the garage to the storage unit to open up space for storing other items.

During a kitchen remodel, you can put your refrigerator inside the garage where boxes used to be. This will allow you to keep it hooked up so that your family still has access to cold storage. If the previous owners had washer and dryer hookups in the garage, you may even be able to move the washer and dryer into the garage to wash your clothes until the remodel is finished.

Move Items With Ease

Putting heavy furniture and appliances into storage is a difficult task. In some cases, you may need to disassemble furniture to avoid renting a large storage unit that has a high monthly rate.

To minimize your workload, you should do everything that you can to only put boxes in the storage unit. Even parking your cars in the driveway will allow you to put all the oversized items in your garage. This will make it easy to transfer boxes between a storage unit and your home.

Getting creative with using a storage unit and the storage space inside your home will help you have a smooth remodel with minimal difficulty in moving items around.


25 May 2018