Creating An Inventory For Your Items In Self-Storage


If you are planning to store lots of diverse items, then you need a way to remember every item stored and which box it is in. This is particularly true if you will be coming back for the stored items bit by bit. The best way to do this is to create an inventory of your stored items. Here are a few tips to help you create an effective inventory:

Organize and Label Boxes

The first thing is to organize your items and categorize them; this will help both with ease of retrieval and creation of inventory. Imagine creating an inventory when different items are all mixed up in different boxes and you don't even know how many pieces are there for each item. You need to keep the shoes together, the tools together, and the books together before starting with the inventory creation.

Record All Relevant Information

You need to capture all relevant information if your inventory is to be complete. There is no need creating an inventory sheet and then recording scant information that won't even help you during retrieval. Some of the information to capture includes the type of item in each box, the number of items, and their location in the storage place. This way you will be able to notice if an item is missing in storage; it will also be easy to retrieve an item because you will know exactly where it is in storage.

Keep Digital Inventory

Keeping a written inventory is great, but you can also keep a digital inventory if you consider yourself technologically savvy.  This may be as simple as taking pictures of the items before taking them to storage. You can then upload the data to the cloud so that you can access it even if your device gets damaged or stolen. Alternatively, there are also mobile apps you can use to capture the information and have them automatically backed up online.

Create the Inventory as You Pack and Store the Items

It is complicated and confusing to pack and take your boxes to the storage unit and then start creating the inventory after that. Ideally, you should create the inventory outline and then update it as you pack the storage boxes. Do the same thing as you put the boxes in the storage unit to avoid confusion when retrieval time comes around. Remember to keep the most used items at the front of the storage unit so that you can retrieve them easily.

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26 September 2018