How Small Businesses Can Benefit From A Storage Unit


Are you the owner of a small business? Are you looking for ways to expand without overspending your budget? There comes a point in the lives of most small businesses where they are starting to get more business than they can currently handle, but they also can't afford to move to a new location to better accommodate their new customers. If this sounds like you, you're going to need solutions that will ensure that your company is able to keep operating. One such possible solution is for you to rent a storage unit. Some of the ways that this can help your company include:

Store excess inventory: If you have a small retail location, it can be difficult to find anywhere to keep all of your extra inventory. There are only so many hiding places in a store where boxes can be placed. But if your store is attracting a lot of customers and you don't order enough inventory, you can easily run out before the next shipment arrives. A nearby business storage unit can be the perfect solution. You can order more of your most popular items and have them all easily accessible for you and your employees. Instead of having to wait days for a new shipment, you can go pick up the extra from the storage unit before placing another order.

Save money: When purchasing wholesale items, you obviously get a better discount if you can buy more of a given product at once. This is true whether you're ordering supplies for a store or an office. For example, cases of paper might be $20 each if you buy just a couple at a time, but the price drops down to $15 a case if you can order in bulk. This can be a significant amount of savings over time if your office goes through a lot of paper. But without anywhere to keep this paper, it doesn't make any sense to order this many. A business storage unit can be an inexpensive way to store your excess office supplies, allowing you to get volume discounts that more than cover the cost of the unit itself.

Make room: For retail locations, an empty display can take up entirely too much room. But you don't want to toss it either since they can be expensive to replace and you may want to use it again later. If you have an office, you might want to temporarily shuffle get rid of some of your office furniture so that you have room to hire an extra employee. Instead of having to replace any of these items later, a business storage unit can be the perfect place to keep everything until you need it again.


25 January 2017