Tips for Moving Locally During the School Year


Many families try to put off moving until the summer months, even if they are moving locally. This is because it can be particularly stressful on kids to change homes, and that can then be reflected in the kids' performance at school. However, sometimes you have no choice but to have a school-year move. In this case, the following tips can help your move go more smoothly.

Tip #1: Create a school workstation

During the hectic weeks of packing that leads up to a move, things often get misplaced or accidentally packed. To avoid this, set up a table or desk that is immune from the packing frenzy. This is where school papers, books, and backpacks will be kept. Never set moving or non-school items such as tape or boxes here, since this will undermine the school station. Nothing on this table is to be packed until the very end. This also provides a non-chaotic place for your children to do work.

Tip #2: Pack the kids' rooms last

Having a refuge in the midst of the move is key to ensuring your kids continue to get plenty of rest so they can be their best at school. For this end, maintaining their sanctuary is key. A good way to handle this is to plan a room decluttering before the packing of the main house begins. This way only items that will be moved are in their rooms. Then, leave their new, cleaner rooms untouched until right before the move. Packing a decluttered room won't take long, so putting the job off won't be a major inconvenience.

Tip #3: Keep abreast of school events

It's easy to overlook events at school when your mind is on the move. Set aside time to read through all the papers the kids bring home each evening. Fill in important dates for school as well as for the move on the same calendar so you can coordinate with your movers and avoid missing important school events. Let your child's teacher and principal know that you are in the process of a move as well so they can contact you directly if need be. Then, follow up by changing your address with the school as soon as possible.

Tip #4: Manage a mellow moving day

If possible, schedule the move on a weekend or short school break, like spring break. It's often easier to keep younger kids out of the house during the main move. Send them to a friend or relative's house, or have one parent take them out for part of the day. Older kids may want to stay and help. Hire movers to load and transport everything quickly—if you can get everything to the new house in one day, the move will be less stressful. Finally, make sure your kids' rooms are the first unloaded and unpacked so they can begin to settle in before school resumes on Monday.

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16 January 2017