Storing IT Assets In Long Term Storage


Whether you're storing equipment during a headquarters upgrade or preparing for an influx of new equipment, commercial storage units are an important and helpful overflow option. Instead of packing active business space with additional computers, routers, servers, and other Information Technology (IT) assets, you could use commercial storage as a staging area until everything is ready. Before choosing a commercial storage solution, here are a few features that can keep your equipment in the best shape over long term storage periods.

Cleanliness From Air Filtration And Climate Control

Sweeping and wiping down walls are just basic cleanliness guidelines. Although there are certainly some facilities that would fail a basic cleanliness check, you need to set your bar higher when it comes to electronics. Climate control and air quality are vital.

An air conditioning system is a good first tier for air quality. Air conditioning keeps air moving around, maintains a stable temperature to reduce humidity, and if the filter is in good order, prevents dust from being a problem. Be sure to inspect the air filter for the air conditioning system. A quick cleanup could hide a bigger problem of dust and debris flowing freely from the vents, which could mean holes in the air filter or no filter at all.

If the air filter is present, but covered in dust, there isn't as much air entering the system. Although that's more a problem for the storage facility because it means higher power bills due to stress on the airflow system, it can also mean dust pushing through stressed areas of the filter.

In the event of a failed air conditioning inspection, you can still settle on the storage facility as long as someone inspects the air filter every month or every other month. Either send an employee or yourself, but make sure someone with a stake in your business's continued success can confirm the filter quality.

Security Options For Commercial Storage Units

Security cameras, building layout, and security personnel are vital points that need to be inspected individually. Are the cameras actually on and recording? That's not a guarantee, as you may encounter some facilities that have off or dummy cameras in place as simple deterrents. Be sure to ask for security camera footage, and review a few days prior. If you really want to test the camera capabilities, visit a few days beforehand and note the hour and minute, then ask to see that time during an inspection.

The building layout can change how useful the cameras are. There are always blind spots, so you want to make sure that no entry or exit point is without surveillance. An expert thief can always get around camera layout with enough planning, but your bigger problem is the more common, audacious thieves. Anything above criminal mastermind level is for insurance to worry about.

Finally, security personnel should be present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A time that security isn't present is a good time to steal, and although a lack of security is fine for self storage facilities with old clothing and furniture in the units, major commercial storage must have security that knows the grounds and the camera systems.

Contact a commercial storage facility representative to find commercial storage for rent that fills all of your requirements.


12 January 2017