Need To Put A Mattress In Storage During A Remodel? 3 Tips To Keep It In Its Original Condition


Large remodeling projects can bring some challenges into your home. It is likely that you will need to clear out the furniture in rooms you know you are going to be continuously working on for a while. If this involves a bedroom, you may have a large mattress and other furniture that you must store. Paying attention to how you store the mattress is essential if you want to pick it up in good, working condition.

Clean the Mattress Beforehand

The first thing that you will want to take care of is cleaning the entire mattress. A thorough vacuuming and a full dusting of baking soda can get rid of the dirt particles and poor fragrance it may have. Taking care of stains is smart to do early on as it will only get more troubling down the line. These steps will prevent anything such as small food particles on the bed from attracting bugs to the mattress.

Keep Supporting the Mattress

For a mattress to be fully effective, it needs to have a strong support system. Improper weight balance and support can lead to sagging in weak areas, which ultimately reduces the bed's lifespan. This same rule applies to when you are putting the mattress into storage. You do not want to lift it on its side as it will bring excessive weight to the bottom side and could even move the springs on the inside.

Supporting the mattress could be a little difficult to do in a storage unit. But, a good idea is to start with several pallets on the unit's floor and then layer it with enough planks to create a completely solid support system. Another option is to use the box spring on top of the pallets and underneath the mattress. This will ensure proper support and prevent water damage if water were to seep through for any reason.

Fully Cover the Mattress

After you go through the process of cleaning the mattress, you do not want it to get dirty again. Storage units naturally build up in dust over a long period of time, which can get all over your mattress. An easy solution is to invest in a mattress cover that not only protects your mattress from dust, but bugs as well. These covers make it easier to maneuver the mattress without having to worry so much about damage.

Storing a mattress requires careful preparation to ensure it stays in great condition.

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28 June 2016