Four Jobs To Complete Before You Store Your Boat For The Winter


If you're an avid boater, it's ideal to find a boat storage business in your community, such as Eagle Airport Car And Mini Storage, at which you can park your vessel for the winter. Instead of leaving it in your driveway or side yard, where it will get in the way when you're shoveling and consistently need to have snow cleared off the tarp, your boat will be kept in dry conditions so that it will be ready for you when springtime arrives. Before you cover your boat and tow it to the storage center, here are some last-minute jobs to complete.

Change The Oil And Filter

You don't want old, dirty oil sitting in your boat's motor for the entire winter, given that dirty oil can do damage to the motor's seals over a prolonged period of time. As such, it's beneficial to take a bit of time to change the oil and filter before you store the boat. Having this job done in the fall before storage is also ideal because when the good weather of spring comes around, the last thing you want to do is change the oil before you can get out on the water.

Fill The Gas Tank And Add Fuel Stabilizer

Even if the boat will be kept in a warm environment, it's ideal to ensure that the gas tank is full so that the gas doesn't get watered down due to the buildup of condensation, which occurs when a tank is only partially full. You should also add a marine fuel stabilizer and run the motor for several minutes so the stabilizer can be given time to travel throughout the motor.

Clean Off The Hull

If you don't commonly have your boat out of the water during the summer -- for example, if you store it at your cottage -- now is the perfect opportunity to clean the hull. Rent a pressure washer and give the hull a thorough spray and scrubbing to remove stains, seaweed and even barnacles. Doing so is about more than just improving the look of the boat; once the gunk is removed, you can take a closer look at the condition of the hull.

Remove Your Gear

Although you might store your fishing gear in the boat throughout the summer, it's beneficial to clean out the interior of the boat before you store it for the winter. This quick job gives you the opportunity to remove unwanted items, such as old soda cans or other garbage that has found its way into your boat's storage areas, as well as have your fishing gear on hand if you wish to organize it over the winter.


6 April 2016